We have seedlings of various native species, as well as other cultures, by demand. We also sell pots for the production of seedlings of various crops (substrate and fertilization included).

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Advantages of using degradable pots


  • Higher performance and efficiency in planting, they do not need to remove the pots;
  • There is no seedling loss, occasioned by the removal of pots, either in the nursery or in the field;
  • Cost reduction because  no return of the packaging from field to the nursery;
  • Reduction in transportation costs due to greater amount of seedlings per box and lower weight;
  • Eliminates the risk of contamination of the field by plastic packaging.


  • Development of secondary roots;
  • There is no strangled roots;
  • Greater growth in height and diameter in less time.


O justo florescerá como a palmeira. SL 92.12